Be wary of the wings, friend.

The waring was loud, but not so clear. Dragons, the once mighty creatures of brawn and cunning have been lost into the ages. Taking center stage now as villains in children’s tales to keep them best behaved.

Be wary of the wings!

The mantra of the lost, delusional citizens near the Kaewyllde Swamp. They fear a malevolent force, be it dragon or demon, lurks within the humid swamp lands. In the city of Kaenwall resides an ancient Temple of Bahamut, having become a library for Draconic historians, and a hub for pilgrimages the most dedicated of Bahamut’s followers still embark on.

Within these ancient halls, the Platinum Dragon’s most faithful reside, protecting the secrets of their missing God.

Will you be wary of the wings? Or will you seek the hidden secrets of the Kaewyllde? Venture, friend, for glory awaits in even the darkest of night.

Scales of Fortune: Gloomwrought

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